Jam Out to Musikfest Near Our Macungie Apartment This Summer


Each year, party-goers turn out in force for the Musikfest. This annual affair takes place in numerous locations throughout Bethlehem, only a few miles from our luxury apartments in Macungie. Residents can enjoy 700 to 1,000 free shows at the hoopla, which entices over a million people. Running every day from August 1-10, the all-day concerts will unite … [Read more...]

A Great Atmosphere Awaits At The Trapp Door Gastropub in Emmaus


Less than three miles from our luxury apartments in Macungie is one of the best places for friendly conversation, refreshing beer and delicious cuisine - The Trapp Door. This gastropub is situated on 4226 Chestnut Street, and Thursday-Saturday from 11 am-8 pm is a live entertainment hotspot. A warm, friendly atmosphere awaits everyone who walks through … [Read more...]

Be A Part of the Summer Tradition of Das Awkscht Fescht at Macungie Park


Whether you are an expert on old fashioned cars or wish to expand your knowledge and enjoy an exciting car display, you can't miss Das Awkscht Fescht at Macungie Park. This is an annual tradition in Macungie, and this year's classic car show is the 51st edition. Das Awkscht Fescht is scheduled for August 1, 2 and 3 of 2014. It's one of the largest antique … [Read more...]

3 Really Good Reasons to Pick Up a Book Every Day in Lehigh Valley


As technology becomes more and more prevalent, people are beginning to read less and less. Reading is important, however. In fact, it's a task that you should aim to include in your everyday life. Here is a look at just three of the many benefits of reading regularly. Reading stimulates the mind, which research shows can reduce the risk of developing … [Read more...]

Keep Your Brookfield Apartment Oven Clean – The Natural Way


Most oven cleaners contain harsh chemicals that are not healthy for you or your pets to breathe in or touch. You don't have to rely on toxic cleaners to get your oven clean and keep it that way. Opt for these natural cleaning solutions instead. If there is grease accumulated in the bottom of your oven, you can easily remove it with a simple mixture of … [Read more...]